A guide to your appraisal

We all know the toughest and the most exciting time is when the appraisal cycle starts, so why are we talking about this today? Well, we are super close to annual appraisal and we all are bracing towards our targets and aiming for promotions in the coming cycle. Bosses won’t just qualify us that easily, so how do we plan for a successful appraisal? Don’t worry, we have an answer to your doubts!

Here’s your plan:

List down the major projects you worked on

This is something really important, though your boss knows about the projects you have worked on but it is always advisable to list down the major ones and explain to him your contribution to it and how you have brought a major change to the system. Think of it “How does my addition to the team help the company grow?” You can also give a brief about how you planned on working on these projects.

You faced a challenge and you overcame it- Now talk about it!

You must have faced a lot of challenges while working on major projects and tasks and you still managed to keep your calm and get through it with success, now it’s time to talk about it. Bosses usually appreciate the efforts taken by their employees and they would want to hear it from you as to how did you manage everything.

Where did you go wrong? 

You also need to know when and where you go wrong and then plan towards working on it. Your boss would want to know how aware you are about the tasks you have done. Don’t start about the wrongs, let the boss pinpoint it and then if you know you could have done better, it is advisable to accept it first and then pitch in a plan that will surely cover it up. Doing it a good homework on yourself will be helpful!

List down projects/ tasks in progress

Make a track of the projects and tasks that are in progress as there may be a few projects that you haven’t delivered but you have invested good time in it. Stating the progress made so far and future potential regarding the same gives a clear idea to your boss and shows how responsible you are. 


Don’t forget about the times when your boss or the client you were working for sent you an appreciation mail. The list of appreciation mails you have received for the projects will make your pitch for the appraisal better. 

Be calm- give it a shot!

Remain calm and composed, you have been working hard for these many months, years, be patient for the reward. It is the time where your hard work would pay off so remain cool and give your best shot.

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