Hiring Process

A. Requirement Sharing

The client shares his organization’s, culture, value and requirement with Skillventory.

B. Position Chart

Skillventory representative prepares detailed “position chart” on the basis of understanding received by client.

C. Building Bridge

Skillventory acts as the bridge between the client and candidate and take care of everything from start to end.

D. Designing of Action Plan

Account Manager design the action plan for particular position/s and pass the information to the Specific Team. Team comprises of Team Lead followed by Senior Recruiter, Recruiter and Trainee Recruiter.

E. Role Assignment

Delivery on the position lies completely with the specific teams, Team lead identify the approach and clarify it to the team or specific recruiter.

F. Thorough Scrutiny Process

Team follow the thorough scrutiny process to fulfill the requirement/s through screening, candidate acknowledgement, sourcing, review, initial interview, testing, offer, and finally acceptance.

G. Digital Network

To fulfill the assigned requirement, along with recruitment team, our MIS Team, Interview Coordinating Team, and Internet Jockeys Team work rigorously to reach to the right candidate through employment portals, social media platforms, and industry mapping.

H. Closure is New Opening

When we close a position/s, it is the opening of more avenues for us regarding winning clients confidence by maintaining credibility, honesty, and transparency.

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