Industry Mapping

Understand The Talent Landscape

We map every individual by their talent, skills, where he is now working, what working conditions and remunerations are attracting him.

Building Market Intelligence

  • We develop market intelligence to identify those persons who may be highly desirable to the organization through social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. for talent market research.
  • Recruitment leader/ hiring manager review the results or the research; they identify key talent.
  • Start the process of developing the relationships with those individuals. During the process, gradually the candidate is introduced to key company contacts.

Analysis of Current Talent on the Market with Talent Mapping:

The number of skills you are looking for.
The structure of the skills on level of experience.
Compensation and benefits.
Current salary structure based on the skills you are looking for.
The current and attractive benefits and how do they compare.
The premium you would need to pay to attract candidates for a job change.
Satisfaction level of the current talent with their salary package and how can you leverage that.
Criteria candidates are considering when changing jobs.
Attrition based on your desired roles.
The scope of your recruitment based on the talent availability, costs, competition and candidate insights.

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