Edutech is the future and here is how we can contribute to your Edtech firm!

The Covid-19 world has changed many lives, the way of living, and most importantly has also got many professionals pushing themselves towards learning something new! With increasing expectations from the industries, continuous change in the market trends and constant competing pressure becomes the second reason for learning. While learning is crucial, e-learning becomes the best viable option for students and professionals during this phase. The situation is tough for most of the markets but it is not the same for the edutech industry, there is a sudden boom in the COVID-19 phase as people want to make the best out of it.

What skills professionals want to develop this year?

Last week we did a poll to understand what skillset professionals want to develop and the results were interesting:

  1. Soft skills: 45%
  2. Tech Skills: 50%
  3. Don’t have time for courses: 5%

95% of the people who took the poll are inclined towards learning new skills online so it is clear that edutech is in demand and everyone has their gaze fixed on the online courses.

What will the future of edutech look like?

Edutech companies like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Simplilearn and many more are offering various courses to scale up the skillset and so the demand seems to be increasing. Recently, Udacity collaborated with Microsoft to award scholarships for its Machine Learning Nanodegree program in Microsoft Azure. Udemy is offering courses like ‘How to get a new job in 30 days (or get a refund)’ which is useful for job seekers. In response to COVID-19, Coursera provides free access to its course to all the college students. 

The COVID-19 phase has made many to shift towards e-learning and increase their productivity and hence the future seems to be bright for the Edutech industry with the constant quality content being generated. Also, the edutech companies are now experimenting with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence for better learning experiences. 

How is Skillventory helping Edtech companies?

Skillventory is a leading search firm and has been consistently providing quality recruitment services to major organizations. We have a specialized team of 200+ experts who take care of adding the best talent to the teams as per the requirements. We understand the changing needs of the organizations and hence we link the skilled talents to the respective teams for a firm. We provide end to end recruitment services to our clients. With a database of more than 1000 candidates, we have been fulfilling the client requirements way before time.

Our Edtech connect 

We are on a mission to help build the Career and Skill Development Business Team for one of the leading education technology firms, assisting the Head of Talent Acquisition and Business President of the firm in mapping talent available at prime target organizations. We did a research on more than 12 edutech companies to match the scale and structure similar to what our client wishes to build. We also mapped talent to head the business functions along with the second and third line of teams under them. We carried out salary benchmarking exercises to assess the price points of talent available in this industry.

Positions we have closed / Working on

Head of Enterprise Business, Head of B2C Business, Head of Performance Marketing, BFSI Learning Practice Head (Acquisition), and many more!

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