How to make your quarantine productive?

Considering the COVID-19 scenario, most of us are working from home and the quarantine phase might be boring for many. But to make the best out of a tough situation always turn out to be a major brownie point! So, we have figured out a list for you to make your quarantine phase productive:

Learn a new foreign language

It’s fun to learn something new, a foreign language could be the best add-on to your profile! Also, there are many free applications that teach you new languages. You can explore platforms like Duolingo, Babble or FluentU to learn new languages.

Graphic designing

Designs keep your creative side on track and work best to deal with stress, graphic designing could possibly be an interesting skill set you would want to work on. You can try Photoshop, Ai illustrator or Adobe InDesign. You can learn these tools on Udemy and Lynda.

Time management

Since now you have enough time to manage your tasks, this is the right time to channelize everything and have a scheduled plan to learn time management. You can explore Time Management courses on LinkedIn Learning-Lynda and SkillShare

Learn a new programming language

You can explore the tech side and experiment around new languages to enhance your skill set. You can explore platforms like W3schools, Coursera, freeCodeCamp, edX to learn new languages.

Social Media Marketing courses

You can explore some online courses around social media marketing and attend a few webinars around them. You can explore platforms such as Upgrad, Udemy and Simplilearn.

Public speaking

The quarantine time can be well utilized to work on ‘Public Speaking’ skills and many courses are available online. You can explore platforms like edX, Coursera and SkillShare.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills are highly recommended for businesses and deals associated with them, it wouldn’t take much time to do a quick tutorial on this topic. You can explore platforms like MIT Management Executive Education, Udemy, and Harvard Business School Online.

Writing Skills

Creative writing or business writing requires patience, it is highly recommended at most of the organizations nowadays. One can simply start off with a rough draft and work on it while experimenting around some SEO courses. You can explore platforms like Upgrad, Udemy, edX and Coursera.  

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