Skillventory’s contribution towards women empowerment!

With all the women centric posts popping on your screen and innovative initiatives being highlighted, it seems the awareness around empowering women is getting better every year. We at Skillventory also believe in empowering women and we encourage diversity! While talking about the statistics, 80% of our employees are women, surprised? Our team makes constant efforts towards providing flexibility to working mothers and women in general, we also support returnship. 6 out of 10 Senior Managers are women in our organisation and we look forward to having more in future!  

We are concerned about her requirements! 

A workplace that respects the existence of women and their comfort can be worshipped! We make sure that women feel comfortable in our organisation and for which we have a group that keeps an eye on issues around them and takes special care about their requirements. 

Forum, Senior Manager at Skillventory says, “It’s been four years at Skillventory and it’s almost a family now! I have seen tremendous growth with respect to my career and have come across with amazing opportunities within the organisation. Also, the work culture is encouraging and it feels overall safe here.”

We know ‘She’ got this!

Women manage a lot of things back at home and they still manage the show at work! Packing tiffins in the morning and rushing to work and managing the overall balance, you know she got this! The best part about womanhood is the adaptation to change and learn new things, they are quick learners. But in this cycle of multitasking they often forget to devote time for themselves and learn something new. We train them on various subjects as we know they have the talent in them and they can do it! We encourage them towards learning new things and experimenting around their respective roles. We make sure they get equal opportunities towards growing and learning something new as per the trends. 

Working mommies, you need to rest as well!

Mothers contribute to both household and work and meanwhile also take care of their kids, isn’t it something too much to handle? Well, they still do it! It takes a lot of effort to raise kids, keep a balance between household and work. Working mothers prove to us that nothing is impossible and we are trying to contribute a little to them in order to ease out the stressful cycle. We believe that women can work as long as they feel like and hence we maintain an ecosystem wherein they can express and work freely. We let mothers work from home whenever required under certain circumstances.

She might need a sabbatical and we understand that!

It’s important for a mother to enjoy her motherhood and they do need to take care of the little ones. It’s okay for us if they go on a sabbatical because that’s their right! And comebacks are always welcomed as we value our employees, a mother coming after a long break will always be welcomed at Skillventory! We encourage the talent in them and let them return to work!

A quick note for women this Women’s Day!

Make sure you pamper yourself, you smile often, you need to know how important you are and you need to take care of yourself first! We wish you a Happy Women’s Day! Stay tuned on our page to know more about the latest job post and trending news around industries!


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