A quick guide to your WFH plan

Most of the people are working from home because of the COVID-19 lockdown scenario and the sudden shift from office to home setup could be a little worrisome for few. Your family or your pet must be around you, then there are kids! We thought of preparing a complete guide for your work from home plan that can help you manage your day more efficiently.

A proper schedule is all you need to get started

Make sure you have a scheduled plan for the day and divide the tasks accordingly. A fixed schedule can help you streamline the work and the schedule should be more or less similar to what you maintained when you were in office. You can maintain a planner or a To-Do checklist that can keep you going throughout the day.

Organize your work setup that keeps you going 

Your desk is well organized in your office with all the required things placed systematically. You can follow the same thing at home by making a table chair arrangement with all the essentials kept around you which will avoid clutter and distractions. Make sure you have the required softwares installed and the internet is working properly before you start your day.

Connect with your team, they miss you!

Now since you are working from home you are missing out on your daily meetings and discussions with your team, you can keep them going by connecting over a call or on Skype, Hangouts or Zoom. The constant contact loop might help you work efficiently and will bring more solutions to your ongoing projects. Also, this will help your team understand your contribution and help you improvise wherever needed.

Opt for healthy munchies over junk

Since you are at home and the kitchen is easily accessible, you might end up hogging throughout the day. This will get you lazier so it’s advisable to have a fixed eating plan and follow the same diet chart when you were in the office. Also, replace the unhealthy junk by healthy munchies that will keep you active at work.

Say ‘No’ to that nap

You might feel cozy at home and which might get you sleepy, make sure to drink more water that will keep you off from that nap! Stretch a little when you feel drowsy, it will get your mind channelized and you will be more productive.

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