How to crack remote interviews?

Amidst the COVID-19 scenario, a lot of organizations are now conducting remote interviews considering the lockdown situation. It’s a sudden switch from in-person interviews to a digital one or telephonic interview, which might be a little difficult to manage for a few of the candidates. The reason could be comfort zone, it is easier to express in-person than over calls or video calls. Secondly, the nervousness is more because everyone is used to giving interviews in person than video calls. Now how to crack these remote interviews? Don’t worry we have a guide that can help you crack these interviews.

Is your internet connection good enough?

A poor internet connection will lead to frequent call drops and bad video quality, this way it will become difficult for the interviewer to judge you and might lead him/her to a confused state. Remember that the interviewer is supposed to interview many so frequent call drops might hamper his interest. Check the internet speed before the interview and in case the internet connection is poor, make sure to update them, their time is valuable as well. They might switch to a regular call instead but you need to inform them prior to the interview.

Check the video and audio settings

The audio and the video settings on the platform that has been chosen by the organization for your interview should be checked before the interview starts. Download the required application and test it out atleast once to understand the functionality. If you think the video doesn’t appear to be good enough because of your surroundings, try to adjust and sit somewhere else.

That background noise could be a problem! 

Let your family members or roommates know in advance that you are going for a telephonic/video interview. Close the door of the room and keep the pets outside the room where you are giving the interview. 

Dress up properly

It’s a remote interview but still dressing matters as it gives the interviewer the impression that you are taking the interview seriously. We know that you are super comfortable around the loose t-shirts and pjs at home but make sure you are all set when it comes to the interview. 

Keep the important files ready

The interviewer might ask for your resume or certain documents, make a file of such important documents in advance and place them in a folder on the desktop. In this case, if the interviewer asks you regarding those documents, you can directly share them. This would give an impression of how systematic and organized you are.

Maintain the eye contact

You might end up looking everywhere on the screen so it’s important for you to maintain eye contact with the interviewer and remain alert throughout the interview. Looking here and there might show how confused you are.

Can you manage to work from home?

The interviewer might expect you to work from home for the first few initial days in case of immediate joining (and if the lockdown continues at the place where the office is). In this case if the interviewer finds you the right fit then might ask you about managing work from home and you need to speak about how confident you are and how systematically you are going to work. You need to give the interviewer an assurance about your deliveries and work efficiency, you can always describe your work plan and strategy to go about it.

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