Skillventory’s Career Consulting Services for your growth plan

We believe that it’s important to get going even during tough times and emerge out being stronger on the other side. It’s the time to build something and nothing can be more exciting than building the path to your growth! We at Skillventory can contribute towards your growth with our Career Consulting services which include:

Get your resume shortlisted!

We know every time you plan to apply for a new job, all that matters is your cv but to get it noticed by the recruiter is a tough job. So to make it more appealing to the organizations you apply for, our Talent Scouts are here to guide you through it! Not just the content but what template is the most suitable for your profile is suggested by our team. We know how important are your career aspirations so we take each of the key factors into consideration while designing the best path for your cv.

  • Build an effective resume for you: We imbibe the industry expectations into your resume to make it stand out.
  • Cross-referencing resumes: We bring in the finest samples from the industry to make your resume a prominent one.
  • Create a difference: By compiling all the key strengths together we make a powerful impression and build your cv from scratch.


Network development through LinkedIn

LinkedIn profiles create a major impact on your career so it can’t be ignored! Our team can help you build a strong LinkedIn profile that can help you get noticed. We can guide you through all the major key pointers to create an impact and help build a connection network that can be useful.


  • Powerful profile building: We help in creating impactful profiles by designing relevant content for LinkedIn pages. We assist in optimizing the page and scrap out the best content suggestion list for you! We make sure to get your profile noticed!
  • Profile analysis: Our team does a quick analysis of the profiles to understand the gaps and help in successfully bridging them.
  • Network establishment: We help you get your connection list updated by identifying potential profiles that can be added to your list. Our Talent Scouts identify the most relevant groups on LinkedIn that can be useful.

Career Opportunity Consulting

  • Target firms who are in the growth phase: We identify relevant jobs/industry and connect with the target company.
  • Networking with HR and HM: We create a network of relevant Hiring Managers/HR professionals.
  • Interview preparation: We provide detailed insights on interview pattern and sync potential employers and opportunities.

Haven’t yet thought about the next compensation plan?

Did you get confused while deciding on the compensation? You were wondering if you had specific data around what’s the right compensation for a particular role?

Well, compensation is something that contributes to your growth, it is important to have a confident stand while negotiating it and which also requires a complete analysis of the market standards and expectations.

We can give you a complete insight into the company, environment, and the offer. We also provide a detailed analysis based on benchmarking peer group compensation.   

  • Peer group review: Detailed information on Median salary with min and max.
  • Salary benchmarking: Using peer group review by industry/sector/function we generate insights on median salary with current variance.
  • Offer negotiation: We help in processing negotiation with confidence and pay-out intelligences for the target firm and target team.

Looking for any of the above-mentioned services?

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