To improve the quality of hire, it is sometimes very confusing for the interviewer to look whether for required experience or to focus on candidates potential. In the hardest hiring question, recruiters need to think beyond a candidate’s current skills during the assessment process.

What Is Important: Experience or Potential?


While looking at candidates, it is important to evaluate not only where candidates are, but where they are going and how fast they are getting there. Growth should be an essential part of candidates assessment process.

Whom To Hire: Candidate A or B?


Candidate A: Mark (right), tick in all the boxes for the role, but not even tried to expand skill sets in any of recent roles
Candidate B: does not fit in requirements today, but has a proven history of quickly developing skill set and improving in every past role

Processes and technical skills can be learned. But, it is very tough to teach someone skills like determination and self-motivation. So, a candidate who can take the more strategic approach along with thinking about the future progress can make a big difference to the success of any team and any company.

Why Building A Talent Pool Is Necessary?


Encourage potential amongst your team, externally as well as internally. Build an internal talent pool, identify existing members of the team that has the ability to succeed at open roles is advantageous and if done right, it can be very effective.
Assessing potential requires a different mindset. You might make the odd mistake, but searching the people that have the potential to be “The Players” is the best way to make your company move forward.

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