India is among the top 10 countries regarding data analytics. The data industry is witnessing rapid growth driven by increased demand for cloud-based and predictive analytics solutions. 

The data analytics helps tech legacy companies, tech leaders, real estate to health care, and from finance to biotech to harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. It enables them to develop sensible business strategies, efficient operations, increase financial returns and customer centricity.

Take a look at the top industries hiring candidates with data expertise:

hiring trends data analytics

hiring trends data analytics

Availability and accessibility of data have helped decision-making and derived the conclusion in every field of science, medicine, and technology. Data is arriving from multiple sources at an alarming velocity, volume, and variety. And to extract meaningful value from this data, data analysts needs optimal processing power, analytical capability, and skills.

Let’s talk about the opportunities, challenges, and future of data analytics by keeping in mind Indian Recruitment Industry.

Quick Facts on Data Industry

– India has 600 data analytics firms with 100 new start-ups setup in 2015 alone.

– Research says that by 2020, India will face a demand-supply gap of 2,00,00 data analytics professionals.

– The supply of data analytics professionals is short even in the US job market with only 40 out of 100 positions for data scientists being filled.

– NASSCOM has anticipated India’s big data industry will capture 32% of the global market to reach $16 billion by 2025 from the current level of $2 billion.

Demand Requires Large Supply Of Data Scientist

This anticipated growth indicates that demand would need an ample supply of data scientists. To meet these requirements, company’s internal hiring department is not enough. Instead, they require a trusted recruitment partner for data analytics hiring.

Data Recruitment Is Not That Simple

The challenge associated with data analytics recruitment are also not simple. In coming years – job portals, job boards, LinkedIn ads, etc. will continue to rise in usage.

The reality is that everyone wants to do analytics recruitment, but not everyone knows how to do it. It takes years to build a recognizable and trusted brand like “Skillventory- A Talent Research Firm, ” and it takes full-time dedicated & immersed recruitment consultants. It is not just about matching programming languages to job specifications, but it is more about understanding the skills and personalities that data analytics people bring and add value to client’s business.

Our approach is data driven, and thus we are specialized in Data Analytics Hiring. Since 2008, we have been strategically involved in the changing data landscape. Our strategic alliances with elite clients like Big 4, IT Consultancies, FinTech, Financial Institutions, Specialized Firms in DA, etc. illustrates the high level of trust our client have on us. Our experienced team connects the brilliant minds with top employers in minimum time to find and hire their next great talent.


Our Data Driven Recruiting Process

Recruiting-Process for data analytics

Recruiting-Process for data analytics


Use data to discover and engage top technology talent – Our consultants leverage data from the internal database, job portals, LinkedIn, tech forums and other profiles on the web to discover and engage the candidate on clients behalf that fits right in a particular position and provide meaningful insight.

Discover tech strengths – As per client’s technology requirements, we identify the candidates who bring the right skill set (SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Statistical Modelling, Data Visualization, Risk/ Marketing/ HR/ Consumer / Pricing Analytics, Big Data, Quantitative Modelling, Hadoop, Sas, R, etc.)

Uncover the undercover – Our technical and functional recruitment consultant review the candidate on the scale of his location, the motivation for leaving and looking compensation (history and desired), current activity, timeline, availability, relevant skills and other essential information to evaluate top candidates.

Presenting candidates to clients – We then, present the right fit candidates to clients. We work with the cream client list of most trusted and high reputed brands, who are eager to hire. Noteworthy thing is, we closed 500+ roles in this space till date and still growing.



The future of Data Analytics in India is limitless, so whether you are a client or candidate, if you want to experience a different kind of recruitment firm, who is capable enough of changing the game with its data-driven approach, do drop us a line at and you will be contacted soon.

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