The boss and employees relationship is very critical. Above to that recruitment is a serious job. On it lies the foundation of good hiring or bad hiring. Both the type of hiring is the outcome of hiring style. Although every hiring style is correct, it is suggested that hiring managers must use different hiring styles. The Recruiters or Hiring Managers who are using the variant style in their hiring are the successful ones. While on the other side, the hiring managers who are using dominant hiring style usually end up doing bad hires.

Don’t you want to know what is your hiring style:

Tendency Hiring Style
1. Tackler They are fast, decision makers and want to be in control. They like the candidates who do the same.
2. Tellers They talk a lot during interviews. Through their communication skills, they try to sell the candidate on the position as well as the company.
3. Tailor They focus on relationships. They offer the open exchange of thoughts and feelings. They build the rapport with candidates and like those who are team players.
4. Tester They focus on data and facts. They gather tangible and quantitative evidence during interviews.

Do tell us what your style of hiring (1,2,3 or 4) is?

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